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Low cost webhosting service is provided by many web hosting companies, but of very different quality. See some basic requirements for webhosting service here.

The company doesn't need to be a big company to give you excellent webhosting service for a low cost. Make sure that you can make a phone call to the support for the webhosting service, as you will often feel a kind of urgency if you need support.

In general some new low cost webhosting services will try to beat the market with a special low cost, and you can benefit from that. But be prepared for a short life or weak personal support, if the owner isn't a full time manager. Some low cost webhosting service are in fact just a young man who has started up using his private computer as a server. If you make a call you can clarify some of these issues. Also be sure which kind of person is behind. How long time the low cost webhosting service has been in business is an important aspect to know about, too.

A good advice could be to avoid using the low cost service for your email account also, but just use it for as a low cost webhosting service for your website, only. It is easy to move a simple website, if you are not using scripts or database facilities to a new low cost webhost. But if you experience problems with this service as a mail server you might loose some important emails.


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